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Blutenkirsche / Ice.Fire
Blutenkirsche / Ice.Fire New Model (2018) Ice.Fire is an innovative two-speed blade with fas..
Blutenkirsche / Training Blade
Blutenkirsche / Training Blade New design (2015) Solid 5-layers all wood blade, provides good ..
DHS / Blade Dipper 3
DHS / Dipper 3   This well balanced blade has been designed for the allround offensive pl..
22.90€ 19.90€
DHS / Dipper 11
DHS / Dipper 11 This well balanced blade has been designed for the allround offensive players who..
22.90€ 19.90€
DHS / Dipper 16
DHS / Dipper 16   Perfect balance between speed and control. The blade is quick enough to..
22.90€ 19.90€
DHS / Dipper 2
DHS / Dipper 2 Perfect balance between speed and control. The blade is quick enough to effect pow..
22.90€ 19.90€
DHS / Hurricane GY
DHS / Hurricane GY This blade has a special Energy Shaking System which during the stroke transfe..
DHS / Hurricane Hao
DHS / Hurricane Hao DHS supply you the best weapons to perform your playing techniques perfectly...
DHS / Hurricane TP
DHS / Hurricane TP This powerful 7 ply blade perfectly suits for loop attack from a medium to lon..
DHS / Hurricane WL
DHS / Hurricane WL Hurricane WL is 5 ply powerful and very fast blade. This is fastest blade in t..
31.80€ 29.00€
DHS / Magic C03
DHS / Magic C03 Magician C03 is sensitive allround blade. Easy blocking and counter attackin..
Based on 1 reviews.
DHS / Magic M-D01
DHS / Magic M-D01 Soft 5 ply blade for defensive players. The surface is treated with the special..
34.80€ 28.30€
Based on 1 reviews.
DHS / Magician M-02
DHS / Magician M-02 Magician M-02 is a 7 layer Allround + blade with very good control. This..
DHS / Magician M-03
DHS / Magician M-03 Magician M-03 is classical allrond blade, suitable for players that are ..
DHS / Power G2
DHS / Power G2 Well balanced offensive blade with  good control. Good for players who want t..
DHS / Power G3
DHS / Power G3 This blade was developed by Ma Long for players playing with powerful topspins. Ve..
DHS / Power G7
DHS / Power G7 7-ply wooden blade with incredible energy and power. The outer surface is lacquere..
23.90€ 20.20€
DHS / Power G8
DHS / Power G8 Classical 5-ply wooden very well balanced blade. It is recommended for the attacks..
DHS / Power G9
DHS / Power G9   New 7 ply all wood blade with pleasant touch and excellent balance. Str..
Donic / Appelgren Allplay
Donic / Appelgren Allplay Highly sensitive Swedish allround blade.  Depending on the rubber..
Donic / Burn OFF
Donic / Burn OFF "Thermic Burned Technology" The thermic treatment of the veneers makes for extr..
Donic / Burn OFF-
Donic / Burn OFF- "Thermic Burned Technology" The thermic treatment of the veneers makes for ext..
Donic / Defplay Calssic Senso
Donic / Defplay Calssic Senso The cream of blades for classical defensive players As its name in..
39.90€ 33.90€
Donic / Defplay Senso
Donic / Defplay Senso The versatile defensive blade  Donic has developed the fantastic..
Donic / Epox Powerallround
Donic / Epox Powerallround DONIC EPOX series veneers are not glued with a liquid glue, but with a..
Donic / Ovtcharov dotec ALL+
Donic / Ovtcharov Dotec All+ 5-ply 3,2 mm thick Kiri inner ply 1+5 layers, 0,6 mm Limba 2+4 la..
Donic / Persson Exclusive OFF
Donic / Persson Exclusive OFF DONIC's "exclusive" blade series at unbeatable value The specially..
Donic / Persson Powerallround
Donic / Persson Powerallround Modern and trendy: aggressive allround characteristics, perfect bal..
Donic / Persson Powerplay
Donic / Persson Powerplay  Fast 7-ply offensive blade made in Sweden that can be controlled ..
Donic / Waldner Allplay
Donic / Waldner Allplay The handle is made out of a dark natural wood incorporating the well know..
Based on 1 reviews.
Donic / Waldner Black Devil
Donic / Waldner Black Devil As exuberant as the playing style of the Master is the advanced techn..
64.90€ 54.00€
Donic / Waldner Dicon
Donic / Waldner Dicon The advantage in feeling Inside the DICON construction we have removed par..
Donic / Waldner Dotec Carbon
Donic / Waldner Dotec Carbon The carbon layers are placed on top of a 4 mm strong Balsa core. Cov..
Donic / Waldner Ultra Carbon
Donic / Waldner Ultra Carbon Blade technology "made in Sweden" Jan-Ove Waldner has been to table..
Donic / Waldner Youngstar
Donic / Waldner Youngstar Children and junveniles have smaller hands and less strength than adult..
Gewo / Alvaro Robles OFF
Gewo / Alvaro Robles OFF  When asked about GEWO Alvaro Robles, the Spanish world class ..
64.90€ 54.90€
Gewo / Alvaro Robles OFF -
Gewo / Alvaro Robles OFF - The 5-ply Alvaro Robles OFF- is ideal for any playing situation. ..
49.90€ 39.90€
Gewo / Balsa Carbon 375
Gewo / Balsa Carbon 375 GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 is a modern premium-end ALL blade. State-of-th..
Gewo / Balsa Carbon 575
Gewo / Balsa Carbon 575 GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is a controlled, well-balanced OFF- blade. Ide..
Gewo / Balsa Carbon 775
Gewo / Balsa Carbon 775 GEWO Balsa Carbon 775 is a modern OFF blade featuring the latest hig..
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