DAWEI / Strange rubber 388C-1 OX

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DAWEI / Strange rubber 388C-1 OX
DAWEI / China
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DAWEI / Strange rubber 388C-1 OX

Strange rubber is a professional table tennis rubber from the manufacturer DAWEI. This rubber is mostly known by the name 388C-1 and it is famous pips out rubber.

It is medium pips out rubber that is good for fast attacks and on the other hand can be used as a long pips out for spin reversal. Strange rubber creates rubber rotation that is hard to adapt to. One of the highest racked medium pips our rubbers in the world of professional table tennis.

Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation  (ITTF)

Speed : 75

Spin : 55

Control : 75

Strategy : Defensive

Technical parameters
Rubber Type Defensivе Rubbers
Rubbers Speed Medium pips out
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