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DHS / Hurricane H-WH
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DHS / DHS / Hurricane H-WL

Hurricane H-WH is a very famous blade with classical 5 layer structure. The table tennis star it is named after is Wang Hao. Hurricane H-WH is excellent blade that has everything you would need when it comes to controlled attack. Hurricane H-WH is popular and loved between players around the world not only for it`s good speed but also for it`s pleasent vibration and good control.

Hurricane H-WL is blade adopting Energy Gradual System can express outer firm and inner soft technique. Loop technique becomes more skilled:longer arc, more powerful spin. It's for player with short racker adopting long racket technique together.

Structure : 5 layers (5 wood)

Strategy : OFF++

Speed : 8+

Kontol : 8+

Head Tickness : 5.7mm

Technical parameters
Blades Speed Offensive Blades
Layers 5 Plies Wood

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