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Donic / Defplay Senso

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Defplay Senso
Donic Germany
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Donic / Defplay Senso

The versatile defensive blade 
Donic has developed the fantastic Defplay Senso specially for the modern and versatile defensive player.
° world's most successful veneer combination (5-ply allround) is manufactured with two dampening but elastic outer plies. (Gabon and Anegre),
° the vibration and the speed of the blade is reduced by increasing the size of the blade by 3 mm.
° the SENSO technology brings maximum dampening effect with the especially developed V3 void
The result::
° an unbelievable control for all defensive shots.
° a fantastic acceleration for all offensive shots.
° pure playing excitement.

 Control : 10

Speed : 5

You can see what weights of this blade we have in stock from the option "Handle and Weight" at the right of the blade picture.



Technical parameters
Blades Speed Defensivе Blades
Layers 5 Plies Wood
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