Donic / Jo Gold Edition

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Donic / Jo Gold Edition
Donic Germany
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Donic / Jo Gold Edition

The JO WALDNER GOLD EDITION, a 7-ply offensive blade (five precious veneers with two inner layers of Etalyra carbon), is dedicated to one of the best table tennis players of all time. Thus, the handle wings of this blade have been stylishly designed in the Swedish national colours (FH yellow/BH blue). The result: a truly exclusive blade made of absolutely professional and high-quality material for a very special feeling.

A powerful offensive blade with fantastic feeling.

Absolutely brilliant, just like Jan-Ove Waldner

Technology: 7 layers of Abachi (inner), Etalyra Carbon (3+5), Abachi (2+6), Limba (1+7 outer)

Character: Powerful and sensitive, fantastic feeling.

Recommendation: For modern attacking players who demand something extraordinary.

Control 8+ Speed 9+, 
Category: Off, 
Elasticity: stiff



Technical parameters
Blades Speed Offensive Blades
Layers 7 Plies(5wood+2composite)
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