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Donic / Waldner Senso V1

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Waldner Senso V1
Donic Germany
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Donic / Waldner Senso V1

It's an ideal addition to the DONIC SENSO - series. 
The speed of the wood is right between the Appelgren Allplay and the Persson Powerplay. A classic Swedish construction which is second to none. The 5.8 mm thickness of the blade provides more speed and fantastic control just as always. Combining the DONIC SENSO technique brings perfection for all offensive and aggressive allround players.

We offer the SENSO-technology for many DONIC blades. V1 and V2 denote two different hollow spaces inside the handles, whose measurements have been calculated by computer design, and their different effects on the whole blade. The V1 hollow space leads to more speed. The control of the ball is identical to the control of the original blade. The V2 hollow space increases the control. The speed remains the same. 

Control : 7+

Speed : 8 

Technical parameters
Blades Speed Allround Blades
Layers 5 Plies Wood
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It's an ideal addition to the DONIC SENSO - series.