Kokutaku / Belta

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Kokutaku / Belta
Kokutaku Japan / China
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Kokutaku / Belta

New!  Model (2020)

  Belta is next level in the fast evolution of Tuttle rubbers.This rubbers is designed for the new ABS balls. It has medium soft blue sponge that is open-pored. The sponge is very well balanced and it has many gears. The surface of Belta is not tacky but has extraordinary friction that produces tons of spin. Other good aspect of this rubber is it`s weight - arround 44 g cut. Besides that Belta has good longevity. Overall this is excteptional european style linear rubber that plays many time more than it`s price.

Belta has been tested for nearly one year from experts and all give it five star ratings for it`s qualities .

Speed : 8

Spin : 10

Control : 9

Sponge hardness :  Soft   

Sponge Thickness :  2,1 mm

Technical parameters
Rubber Type Inverted rubbers
Rubbers Speed Offensive Rubbers
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