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Kokutaku / Sea Monster ZLC

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Kokutaku / Sea Monster ZLC
Kokutaku Japan / China

This is the flagman blade from Kokutaku. Exceptional speed, control and flexibility

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Kokutaku / Sea Monster ZLC

Sea Monster ZLC is a new table tennis blade (model 2021) in the catalogue of the Chinese manufacturer Kokutaku. It stands out for its high quality workmanship and comfortable handle.  The Sea Monster ZLC has a modern structure with 5 layers of wood and 2 Zylon-Carbon layers. The blade has offensive + characteristics but at the same time very good control. Sea Monster ZLC  has small flexibility due to the Zylon-Carbon structure .  If a blade of this quality was part of a collection of one of the big table tennis brands - its price would be at least double.

Type:  OFF +
Speed: 10+
Control: 8.5
Thickness : appr. 6.9 mm

You can see what weights of this blade we have in stock from the option "Handle and Weight" at the right of the blade picture.


Technical parameters
Blades Speed Offensive Blades
Layers 7 Plies(5wood+2composite)
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