Kokutaku / Tokyo 730

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Kokutaku / Tokyo 730
Kokutaku Japan / China

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Kokutaku / Tokyo 730

New Model 2022

Tokyo 730 is a new generation rubber designed for the 40+ball . It has very good characteristics for it`s price. The soft sponge a gives very good dynamics to the rubber. Suitable for talented allround players who like to play close to the table.  The other very good property of this rubber is it`s weight - 52g for uncut rubber ( and around 39 when cut on blade). Tokyo is suitable for intermediate players and players who develop their skills.

Speed : 8.7

Spin : 8.9

Control : 9.5

Sponge hardness : Soft 


Technical parameters
Rubber Type Inverted rubbers
Rubbers Speed Allround Rubbers
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