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LOKI / RXTON I Special

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LOKI / RXTON I Special
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LOKI / RXTON I Special

RXTON I is a professional table tennis rubber from the manufacturer of high quality table tennis equipment LOKI. This special version has a little bit more consistent bounce and little bit more speed.

Don't let the low price of this rubber lead you to the wrong conclusion about its qualities! For those who prefer rubberss with a sticky surface, the RXTON I will be a real

revelation. The balanced qualities of the rubber will amaze you. The behaviour of RXTON I is something of a hybrid between a typical Japanese soft top sheet rubber and a Chinese sticky one. When

played on spin this rubber can be a real spin machine.

Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation  (ITTF)

Speed : 77

Spin : 88

Control : 79

Sponge Hardness : 44 ( European Standard)

Strategy : Allround (ALL+)

Technical parameters
Rubber Type Inverted rubbers
Rubbers Speed Allround Rubbers

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