LOKI / Super Hao W91

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LOKI / Super Hao W91
LOKI / China
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LOKI / Super Hao W91

Super Hao W91 is a professional table tennis blade from  the Chinese manufacturer of high end products LOKI. This is a nice 7 layers all wood blade. The strategy is offensive.  The blades is suitable for modern offensive game and it has very good and stable feeling for the ball.
Super Hao W91 comes in a luxury box and a special hard bat cover as a gift. 

Speed : 82

Control : 78

Head Thickness : 6.3 mm

Strategy : Offensive (OFF)

Plies : 7 wood 

1. Limba

2. Ayous 

3. Wood 

4. Ayous (core)

5. Wood 

6. Ayous 

7. Limba

Technical parameters
Blades Speed Offensive Blades
Layers 7 Plies Wood

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