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Nittaku / Arrester

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Nittaku / Arrester
Nittaku Japan
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Nittaku / Arrester

Nittaku Arrester is a new defensive professional blade for table tennis. This blades has solid five plies strucure. Blades speed is slow  the feeling is soft and it has exceptional control. Arrester is both very good for chopping away from the table and playing passively close to it with block.

Thickness: 5.3mm

Blade size: 165x156mm

Grip size: ST 100x22mm 


Speed : 5+

Control :10

You can see what weights of this blade we have in stock from the option "Handle and Weight" at the right of the blade picture.



Technical parameters
Blades Speed Defensivе Blades
Layers 5 Plies(3wood+2composite)
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