Professional Racket / Combo Short Pips OUT Offense

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Professional Racket / Combo Short Pips OUT Offense
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Professional Racket / Combo Short Pips OUT Offense

Pre-glued and pre-cut racket , suitable for offensive play at intermediate to advanced player . The Dawei blade can offer everything a budding player taking their first steps into club table tennis equipment and looking for more learning more about offensive style with short pip out rubber. This racket is suitable for everyone who want to test their forces in short pip offensive strategies.

The forehand rubber is Gewo / Neoflexx 45 - which is a verry popular German rubber with very good offensive qualities.

The backhand rubber is Tuttle / Summer 3C - rubber with short pips out. This rubber is suited for offensive style of play.

The racket is ready to play and the same combination has been tested and rated highly by masters of the table tennis sport, as well as by coaches and competitors.

Despite its low price, this racquet has amazing qualities! 

Trust the expert suggestions of the team

Blade : Dawei / WB-7

Forehand rubber : Gewo/ Neoflexx 45

Backhand rubber : Tuttle / Summer 3c

Weight : 175 g +/-3 g



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