Red+Black / 1st Dan

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Red+Black / 1st Dan
Red + Black

1st Dan is another very fast professional blade from Red+black

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Red+Black / 1st Dan

1st Dan is another very fast professional blade from Red+black. It is made of 7 layers (5 wood and 2 composite) The blade  has two faces but the speed is the same. 


Exquisite Line is a range of blades of perfect match combination between new technical woven materials (CARBON, BASALT, ARAMID, SYNTECH, ZYLON) with pure wood selected veneers and wood.

Special selection of materials, gluing method and use of different types of adhesives, the shape of the blade and the handle weight accurate calculation determine same feeling, same weight center and creates the DYNAMIC LINEAR RESPONSE SYSTEM of the blades.

Strategy : Off+

You can see what weights of this blade we have in stock from the option "Handle and Weight" at the right of the blade picture.


Technical parameters
Blades Speed Offensive Blades
Layers 7 Plies(5wood+2composite)
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