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Hallmark / Destroyer

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Hallmark / Destroyer
Hallmark United Kingdom

HALLMARK Destroyer is an easy-to-control pips-out rubber. 

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Hallmark / Destroyer


HALLMARK Destroyer is an easy-to-control pips-out rubber. Compared to classic long pips-out rubbers,

the pips of the Destroyer are slightly shorter, but still longer than in medium pips-out rubbers. This

makes Hallmark Destroyer very versatile. In blocking situations, the Destroyer produces a distinct and

dangerous pips-out effect. It can still be handled by relatively unpracticed players with little long pipsout

experience and features excellent spin reversal which is perfect for point-winning, active blocking.

The Destroyer is the perfect choice for any blocker considering switching from pips-in to pips-out

rubbers. Various options in active situations make the Destroyer an efficient and dangerous weapon

for any type of player. It also offers great performance in defense situations. Safe chopping and sudden

attacking are possible without having to twiddle or change your technique.

 Strategy : defensive  chopper

Control : 93

Spin : 99

Speed : 43

Technical parameters
Rubber Type Long pips out
Rubbers Speed Defensivе Rubbers
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