Sword / Maze FT

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Sword / Maze FT

  The rubber Maze gives Heavier Spin & Greater Control.

The combination of the high tensioned and tacky topsheet with a medium hard and flexible sponge makes Maze the perfect answer for players who seek heavy topspin and superb control. Maze combines new “A” type tacky topsheet with the new explosive Will Sponge 2. Its innovative design enables a player to "grip" the ball and "catapult" the return back with heavy spin and great control.

Maze is professional table tennis rubber that shines mostly when playing on the table. It has great spin and nice short game. The throw ange is medium-high and it makes linear ball parabole but with high tension. The rubber is factory tunned.

Speed : 8

Spin : 10

Control : 9

Technical parameters
Rubber Type Inverted rubbers
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