Sword / Maze P

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Sword China
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Sword / Maze P

Softer than the original Maze FT

  The rubber Maze gives Heavier Spin & Greater Control.

The combination of the high tensioned and tacky topsheet with a medium hard and flexible sponge makes Maze the perfect answer for players who seek heavy topspin and superb control. Maze P combines new “A” type tacky topsheet with the new explosive Will Sponge 2. Its innovative design enables a player to "grip" the ball and "catapult" the return back with heavy spin and great control.

Maze P is professional table tennis rubber that shines mostly when playing on the table. It has great spin and nice short game. The throw ange is medium-high and it makes linear ball parabole but with high tension. The rubber is factory tunned.

Speed : 11

Spin : 11.5

Control : 12

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