Tulpe / Cosmos

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Tulpe / Cosmos
Kokutaku Japan / China
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Tulpe / Cosmos

New Model (2018)

Cosmos is a fast offensive blade that has very attractive look. This blade has classical 7-plies carbon blade structure. Cosmos is very well balanced blade with good control and even better speed.

 Exceptional ratio price/quality. 

Cosmos is designed for the offensive player that will that will go topspin from both wings from middle distance from the table.

Type: Offensive
Speed: 9+
Control: 7
PLY: 7  (1 ply Quantum corewood +2plies Carbon + 2 plies Cypress inner wood + 2 plies Technical orange wood layers )
Weight : appr. 87g

You can see what weights of this blade we have in stock from the option "Handle and Weight" at the right of the blade picture.


Head Thickness : 5.6mm

Technical parameters
Blades Speed Offensive Blades
Layers 7 Plies(5wood+2composite)
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