Tuttle / 888 Extraterrestrial

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888 Extraterrestrial
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Tuttle / 888 Extraterrestrial

New!  Model (2019)

  888 Extraterrestrial is the new rubber of Tuttle rubbers.This rubbers is designed for the new ABS balls. It has medium soft  sponge that is open-pored. The sponge is very well balanced . The surface of 888 Extraterrestrial is not tacky but has extraordinary friction that produces tons of spin. Other good aspect of this rubber is it`s weight - arround 48 g cut. . Overall this is excteptional european style linear rubber that plays many time more than it`s price.

Speed : 8+

Spin : 9 

Control : 10

Sponge hardness : Medium Soft   

Sponge Thickness :  2,1 mm

Technical parameters
Rubber Type Inverted rubbers
Rubbers Speed Allround Rubbers
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