Tuttle / Beijing Blue sponge

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Tuttle / Beijing Blue sponge
Tuttle China
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Tuttle / Beijing Blue sponge

Beijing blue sponge is the latest (edition 2022) super rubber of Tuttle. It`s characteristics are super spin , very good control and speed. Beijing ІV has a soft sponge and it plays like European rubber. The top sheet is elastic and not very tacky.  Beijing  is one of the best sellers around the world lately. For those that know Beijing rubbers for years this new member to the family will be a nice surprise.

Speed : 9

Spin : 9,3

Control : 9

Sponge hardness : Medium Soft (39 degree)

Sponge Thickness : 2,2mm

Technical parameters
Rubber Type Inverted rubbers
Rubbers Speed Offensive Rubbers
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