Tuttle / Positive Energy 2013

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Tuttle / Positive Energy
Tuttle China

Positive Energy 2013 is the new rubber by Tuttle. the feature of this rubbers are light weight (53-55 g uncut), medium soft sponge, elasticity and catapult effect.

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Tuttle / Positive Energy

Positive Energy is the new generation of Tuttle rubbers. The rubber has a light weight (53-55g for uncut tire), medium soft sponge, catapult effect, very decent spin and excellent control. The medium sticky surface of the rubber helps to control the spiny play, while reducing the very stressful mistakes that often occur with rubbers with higher speed characteristics. The Positive Energy is an excellently balanced rubber, unmatched in its price class. It has all the attributes needed to practice the modern game. Tuttle continues with its trend of offering quality products at extremely low and affordable prices.

After the initial tests of the tt-store specialists, we would like to add that Positive Energy is an excellent rubber for intermediate level players, children building their technique and anyone who loves balanced rubbers and a technical philosophy in table tennis.

 Amazing value for money !!!  

Speed : 8.3

Spin : 9.1

Control : 9.6

Sponge hardness : Medium Soft  (47.5 degree) 

Technical parameters
Rubber Type Inverted rubbers
Rubbers Speed Allround Rubbers
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