Tuttle / Winter 3E

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Tuttle / Winter 3E pips out rubber

Tuttle Winter 3E is a new genaration of medium pips out rubbers. The soft sponge of this attacking rubber is designed with new materials that gives power and tension to the ball. Summer 3C has also very good control along with super fast speed. Summer 3E has the possibility to generate topspin and backspin and it also has the strange "sinking" effect on the ball.

The special new "3E" Technology adds enormous tension within the molecular structure of the rubber. Winter 3E provides a high level of control and great spin, while the "3E" technology adds the speed you always missed in a softer pimpled rubber sheet.

Very easy to spin with, and superfast with the ultimate control

Speed : 11

Spin : 9,5

Control : 9,5

Sponge hardness : Soft   

Technical parameters
Rubber Type Medium pips out
Rubbers Speed Allround Rubbers
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