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Kokutaku / Fire Seeds
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Kokutaku / Fire Seeds

FIRE SEEDS is the new high-tech series of blades of the Chinese manufacturer KOKUTAKU. This series of blades marks a new stage in the company’s development. The quality of these blades is at a brand new and very high level. KOKUTAKU have always had a reputation as a brand offering budget solutions, but the FIRE SEEDS series of blades are distinguished by a deep understanding of the needs of modern table tennis, fully professional solutions and quality that is second to none of the world’s biggest brands. Despite their remarkable quality, FIRE SEEDS series blades remain completely affordable because if they were present in another brand’s catalogue they would cost twice as much. What is special about this series of blades is the use of high quality veneers from Hinoki.

FIRE SEEDS is an amazing blade from this KOKUTAKU professional wood line. A classic structure of 7 layers ( 5 wood + 2 carbon) and a deep skill in fitting them opens new horizons for modern offensive play. FIRE SEEDS features a very pleasant sound because the carbon is placed just above the core. The blade has almost no elasticity but has an excellent balance between speed and control. FIRE SEEDS is curious in that it is a blade with an outer veneer of Hinoki, the material known for its passionate feel for the ball and very high price as a raw material. FIRE SEEDS is a remarkable blade for connoisseurs.

Type: OFF
Speed: 9.4
Control: 9.2
Thickness : appr. 6.9 mm

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