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Sword / Scylla Pro 


   It is the new 40+ ball era. Scylla Pro is a new long pimple rubber that offers very good distruptive effect while blocking close to the table. Scylla Pro enable dangerous returns both trough passive and active blocking (chop-blocking) since the ball bounces very loe on the other side of the table.

Scylla Pro also offers very good control and surprising attcking possibilities through aggressive pushing and lifting.

With Scylla Pro you can play very succesfuly classical defense as the rubber produces a lot of backspin. On top of this a highly deceptive variation of chop and float balls can be produces while defending.

Scylla Pro can maintain a short and low ball on serve return.

With the 0.5mm sponge version of Scylla Pro shows its good distruptive effect with even better attcking possibilities.

 Strategy : defensive blocker / chopper

Control : 10 +

Spin : –

Speed : 6



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