About Us

Welcome to our online table tennis shop www.tt-store.eu!

We are a team of table tennis players, professional coaches and lovers of the sport table tennis. What connects us is the passion for our favourite game. We have a hall for playing table tennis, where we actively train and also have the possibility to test the table tennis equipment – blades, rubbers, complete bats and other items that we offer in the TT shop.

The idea to create this website was born as a result of our tireless desire to learn more updates of the dynamically changing world of table tennis equipment. And as we approach this initiative with passion and seriousness, we are confident that we will be able to be helpful in choosing the right equipment for you.

Our table tennis store will be updated regularly and you can visit us often to see the new products. You can have your items delivered within a short time without any customs duties if you are from an European Union country.
Please, if you have any questions, comments or advices feel free to contact us via the contact form from the site or via:

Plovdiv 4000