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Table tennis scoreboards

A table tennis counter is a very important accessory for any table tennis room, as well as for any event. A table tennis counter gives the sport a more professional level. The presence of a counter also implies the presence of a referee, who will not only count the points but will also ensure that the opponents follow the rules of the game. Table tennis counters can also be used in a variety of table tennis games. 

And when you visit a table tennis event and there are counters and umpires provided for each table, then the feeling of a good organization and a higher level tournament is indescribable.

So, we consider counters an important accessory that adds a level to any hall. Because not everything is limited to making our shots in table tennis, there are things that add value beyond that.

Counters for table tennis are most often from 0 to 30 points, allowing them to be used for other sports where games are up to more than 11 points.