Nets for table tennis

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Nets for table tennis

In the category “Table Tennis Nets” you can find our suggestions for the best and verified hobby and professional table tennis nets. A table tennis net is one of the essential and necessary tennis accessories. 

The table tennis net should be 15.25cm high and should be fed into the sides of the tennis table by 15.25cm.

Different tennis tables can be combined with different table tennis net. We have tried to offer both professional nets, equipped with certification from the International Table Tennis Federation, and hobby nets that you can even place on the table in your living room or office while having fun with your children or colleagues.

In the case of professional table tennis nets, the mounting to the table is based on two basic principles – clip system (clip) or by chintz. Conventionally, it is believed that nets that are mounted via a screw are more resistant, but if you have to move your tennis table often the clip system is also a good solution.