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Table tennis blades

The category
“Table Tennis
is our favorite category. Because we are huge fans of this component of the
table tennis
racket. We find
them magical in their own way. Table tennis
blades bring the spirit of the game. They can be fast
or slow,
elastic and
graceful, innovative and handcrafted, expensive or budget-friendly.

We at
have tried our best to offer a selection of the most diverse table tennis
blades. In our table tennis shop you can find
blades of World Table
Tennis Champions as well as those of the current stars of the World Elite, but
most of all the
blades in our
dedicated table tennis shop are
blades that we personally endorse.

All the table
tennis rac
ket blades we receive pass through our hands
personally. We measure them and listen to their music. That’s why every
blade we offer is personally measured by us and
you can choose a
blade with a
specific weight that we have in stock. We consider this an extra courtesy to
you our customers.