Cookie policy

A “cookie” is a small text file that carries bits of information about a user’s activity on a particular website and stores them on the device used to access the website. Cookies do not harm your device and allow us to offer you better browsing and quicker responses of our website. Any additional information, including such that allows us to show you advertisements, is stored only with your prior consent which you give by continuing to view the website or in any of the manners listed below.

We recommend that you carefully read the following information in order to gain a better understanding about the type of cookies we use and how you can customize the use of cookies based on your preferences.

Types of cookies that we may use on the website

Our website may use cookies that do not require your consent for downloading onto your device, as well as cookies that may only be downloaded with your prior consent.

  1. Technical cookies(your prior consent is NOT required): they are needed for the operation of the website and provide you with access to the respective functions (browser cookies): these are mainly session cookies. We may also use functional cookies that allow us to save your preferences and settings and thus improve your use of the website (without limitation, by saving your identity as a registered user of the website when you choose the function “Save me”; by directing you to the web pages in your chosen language or the language of the country from which you are accessing the website; by saving your preferences on whether you accept profiling cookies or not). In order to ensure the proper functioning of such cookies and to ensure the saving of your preferences, such cookies are not deleted when you complete your browsing session. Nevertheless, such cookies have a period of validity (not exceeding 2 years), after which they will be deactivated automatically. Such cookies and the information carried by them shall not be used for any purposes, other than those described above. The installation of technical cookies does not require your prior consent: we automatically place them onto your device when you access the website or request specific functions (for example, when you click on the function “Save me”). You may elect to deactivate the cookies at any time by changing the settings of the respective browser. However, this may prevent the proper visualization of the website.
  2. Profiling cookies(your prior CONSENT is required): Our website also used profiling cookies that may only be installed based on your prior consent. Furthermore, our website may place cookies belonging to third parties, always provided that you gave your prior consent for the respective installation. Such third parties may gain access to the information collected through their cookies. Such third parties are:

Google Inc. (through their services Google Analytics and Google Doubleclick, and, where applicable, through the add-on Google Plus) Facebook (through add-ons) Twitter (through add-ons) Pinterest (through add-ons), Profiling cookies may include, in accordance with the definition of the European regulating bodies for personal data protection, profiling cookies for advertising purposes, retargeting cookies, social media cookies and analysis cookies beyond those used solely for a summarized statistical analysis.

– Profiling cookies for advertising purposes: they create profiles of the users in order to show advertisements, which are in conformity with the preferences demonstrated by the users when they browse the net;

– Retargeting (redirecting) cookies: they are used for displaying advertisements related to products similar to those, to which you have shown interest (for example, display of products pages that you have visited on our website, when you view third party sites), or for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns (ours or of any third party);

– Analysis cookies: they save your selections and your activity on our website in order to perform a statistical analysis, for us or for third parties, by tracking your preferences and behaviour during browsing, and in order to show you customized advertisements;

– Social media cookies: furthermore, our website allows certain social networks (for example, Facebook, Twitter) to install their own cookies through their add-ons. Such cookies are controlled directly by third parties and may be used in order to show you advertisements, which are in conformity with your preferences, while you are browsing other websites.

All such cookies are installed only with your prior consent. Therefore, when you enter our website a special banner informs you that our website uses cookies for analysis, profiling and retargeting belonging to us or to third parties. We will track your consent (if given) through a special technical cookie. As a result, the cookie banner will not be displayed anymore, if you visit our website in the future. If you elect to delete the technical cookies, please keep in mind that we will lose the traces of your consent and as a result you will be shown the cookie banner again upon your next visit to our website. At any time you are free to elect to block the placement of profiling cookies (regardless of whether they are analysis cookies belonging to third parties, social media cookies, retargeting or profiling cookies) or withdraw any previously given consent, which will not affect your ability to visit the website or make use of the respective content. If you want to learn more about how to do it, please read carefully the rules regarding third party cookies by following the links below.

How to activate and deactivate cookies

All cookies (technical and profiling cookies) You can allow the installation of cookies or prohibit it by using the settings section of your browser. However, if you deactivate one or more cookies, as a result certain functions of the website may be hindered (please, keep in mind that browser cookies are needed for the proper operation of the website’s main functions). The browser configuration relating to such selection may be tracked and changed in the settings panel of your browser. Please, select your browser among those listed below, in order to receive information on how to change the respective cookie settings.






Third party cookies that require consent:

Installation of profiling, retargeting, analysis and social media third party cookies, as well as any other activity relating to such cookies, including collection and processing of information, is within the responsibility of such third parties. If you want to learn more about such cookies and about the third parties that may gain access to the collected information, or how to activate or deactivate them, you can read the policies of said third parties about such cookies, by clicking on any of the following links:

– Google Analytics: []

– Google Doubleclick: []

– Facebook: []

– Pinterest: []

– Twitter: []

In particular, the cookies (beyond technical cookies) available on the website are listed in the table below:

Technical nameIntended purposeCookie typeValidityInformation
_gaGoogle Analytics:Technical analytical cookie2 yearsUsed in order to differentiate between users
_gidGoogle Analytics:Technical analytical cookie24 hoursUsed in order to differentiate between users
_gatGoogle Analytics:Technical analytical cookie1 minuteUsed for request level filtration
_gac_<property-id>Google Analytics:Technical analytical cookie90 daysContains information relating to campaigns for the user. If you have connected your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, AdWords website conversion tags will read this cookie, unless you have deactivated it.
Cookies DirectivePrivacy cookieTechnical functional cookie90 daysThe cookie is activated when the user selects the OK button in the pop-up cookie window.
AWSELBUsed to map the session up to the particular caseTechnical cookieSessionCookie related to Elastic Search Balance
COOKIE_SUPPORTShows whether you support cookiesTechnical cookie549 monthsShows whether you support cookies
JSESSIONIDPortal functionalityTechnical cookieSessionShows active use of the website and saves how many users are visiting the website at any time.
cookie_aceptacionPrivacy cookieTechnical functional cookie3 monthsActivated when the user accepts the cookie from the pop-up window.
GUEST_LANGUAGE_IDLanguageTechnical functional cookie549 monthsEstablishes the function for a user language

Furthermore, some advertising networks allow you to refuse to give your consent for customized messages. This will not prevent the installation of cookies, but will discontinue the use and collection of specific data by the advertisers connected to the network. Please, keep in mind that even though such networks include many of the leading advertising companies, a third party that places cookies through the website may not necessarily belong to such networks and as a result you may continue to receive cookies of such third party. If you want to learn more about this matter, we urge you to visit the following address:

The processing of personal data of the users is performed by MATCHPOINT 7 LTD. in the capacity of personal data controller. If you wish to receive additional information about the manners and purposes of processing, as well as about the exercise of user rights, as stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and the ePrivacy Regulation of the European Union, please read carefully our Privacy Policy. We recommend to you and urge you to regularly check this Cookie Policy in order to be aware of any amendments thereto.