Hobby table tennis bats

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Our offerings in the “Hobby Table Tennis” category are aimed at players who are either practicing table tennis at a very basic level or those who are just entering the world of table tennis. Here the differences between the bats are not very big, but if someone is struggling to make their choice of table tennis rackets the TT-Store team is here to answer any query. 

If you’re the type of player who has recently taken up table tennis it’s a good idea to consider taking table tennis lessons with a specialist, where the specifics of such a beautiful sport will be explained to you in detail. If you are from the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria here is a contact number for the Kido Tennis Club, where such services are offered : +359878287418 

The table tennis rackets in this category are suitable for schools, kindergartens, hotels and similar establishments. 

We at TT-Store are proud of the hobby table tennis bats we offer because they have been personally tested and approved for their intended use by our experts.