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Yinhe / Galaxy / Milky Way blades for table tennis

The company was founded in 1986. During the last 20 years the workers applied advanced science and technology in the manufacturing of table tennis equipment. Through their hand work they have already mastered a series of profound mysteries for creation of top level blades and rubbers. Steady improvement is their main goal. Galaxy products appeal to players with different styles.

Yinhe rubbers are constantly tested by qualified engineers and made of high quality materials. They have fast speed, best thickness and bright colour.

Milkyway blades are suitable for every player. They combine European and Asian style with modern blade-manufacturing techniques. Galaxy use high quality wood only. Their blades have strong spin and powerful attack and ensure better control.

Yinhe produce all kind of table tennis equipment, including balls, bat covers, rucksacks, clothes and shoes, tables and nets.