Donic Germany

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Donic Germany

Donic is probably the largest European manufacturer of table tennis equipment. Donic is a global brand that has become synonymous with quality and innovation. Their rubbers and blades feature remarkable playing characteristics used by some of the best players at World level. 

It is no coincidence that Donic’s ambassadors are the Swedish trio of Waldner, Persson and Applegreen.

The professional table tennis rubbers of the “Acuda”, “Bluefire”, “Bluestorm” series are among the most preferred in the World.

We can also distinguish their hobby and professional table tennis tables that cover the whole palette of possibilities. Starting from hobby tables and going through tables for outdoor use and ending with professional tables of the highest quality on which European and World Championship finals are played.

Donic’s textile collections are distinguished by a great sporty look and high quality.

Donic is a preferred brand that has proven its qualities over the years. At Donic you can find absolutely everything a table tennis player could need.

Donic is a testimonial for high quality and a deep understanding of the sport of table tennis.