Gewo Germany

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Gewo is a high quality manufacturer of professional table tennis equipment. This German brand has gained worldwide fame in recent years when it managed to impress the world tennis community and establish itself with quality products. A small part of them are the rubbers from the “Nexxus” and “Neoflexx” series. These wonderful rubbers are very highly appreciated by both amateurs and professional competitors. It is no coincidence that the multiple champion of Africa – Quadri Aruna is the face of Gevo. The “Nexxus” series of green-coloured rubberss has become the company’s trademark.

Another distinctive feature of Gewo are the great textile collections that feature a modern sporty look.

Gewo is a brand that offers the whole range of accessories needed for the sport of table tennis. Starting with quality and beautiful sports shoes, going through excellent professional table tennis blades and ending with high quality rubbers offering everything you need to play at the highest level.