Nittaku Japan

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Nittaku Japan – Japanese brand for table tennis

Nittaku Japan is a respected Japanese brand known for its production of high-quality table tennis equipment. They specialize in a wide range of products including blades, rubbers, balls and accessories. Nittaku is often praised for its dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, making them a popular choice among serious table tennis players. 

Nittaku was created in 1920. One of their first achievements is the production of top-quality balls (Nittaku PLS 3 Star Premium) that have earned a certification from the International Table Tennis Federation. The company also produces impressive blades such as Acoustic which uses a special wood lamination technology to provide control and looping capabilities, and Violin which uses string instrument manufacturing technology to maintain the natural elasticity of the wood for its excellent looping and close-to-the-table play. These series are highly regarded as some of the best five ply blades for offensive plates, as well as other blades such as Septear, Meister, Kasumi, Ludeack and Latika.

Nittaku is also known for their high-quality leading rubbers, including the German-made Fastarc rubbers.