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Revolution No. 3 – glue for blades


The first Revolution was the speed glue, the second was the ban on speed glue (manufacturers improved rubber and blades a lot to achieve almost better results than the speed glue) and Revolution No. 3 returns the meaning of the glue : the third active part in the racket! Revolution No. 3 is the new generation of the most modern and effective water-based elastic table tennis glue. 


The most important characteristic of your racket is the stay time, and Revolution No. 3 and the bonding method regulate and control the stay time. After choosing your blade and rubber, you have an active, controlled element to control the reaction of your racket to your specific shots : the thickness of your elastic adhesive film. 


The adhesive foil Revolution No. 3 is strong with controlled elasticity, without permanent deformation. The dried glue forms a compact propulsive layer of natural rubber with a specific thickness, compared to the elasticity of a rubber balloon.