DHS / Hurricane 9

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DHS / Hurricane 9
Hurricane 9 -colorful series, featuring classic high stickiness, adopts flexible pimples to make suitable for different types of sponge, bringing diversified styles.
PINK color – 39 degree (20# sponge) – is great for “spinning ” , with stable and high speed arcing ability as well as rich arc changes. It can exert powerful performance of quick-attack and loop drive an close and middle range from the table.
BLUE color – 39 degree (22#sponge) is great at strength. It can hit super power and speed in the hands of powerful players, wile having excellent control and loop drive.
VIOLET color – (80# sponge) has a soft high-elastic macroporous sponge. This rubber is great at changing speed and spin. You can se it at different strengths. It is good for continuous and controlled attack.
Speed : 9
Spin : 9.3
Control : 9.1


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