LOKI / racket Rxton R 6 *

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Rxton R 6 *
LOKI / China

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LOKI / racket Rxton R 6 *

The Rxton R 6* is a great professional table tennis racket from the Chinese manufacturer of innovative table tennis equipment LOKI. The Rxton R 6* is a racket with an excellent balance in terms of weight speed,
spin and control. The blade of this racket is composed of 7 layers, two of which are carbon. This makes it fast and powerful. The carbon layers are placed directly on the wood core. This approach gives a very tight and balanced feel. The rubbers are RXTON V the best rubbers from the series Rxton
Overall, the Rxton R 6* is an excellent pro racket for anyone looking for innovative quality at a very affordable price.
Included hard bat cover
Weight : 170 +/- 5 g.
Speed : 97
Spin : 96
Control : 90


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