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LOKI / T3 Pro
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LOKI / T3 Pro

The T3 Pro is a highly successful professional rubber from the Chinese manufacturer of innovative table tennis products LOKI. The T3 Pro features great dynamics, resilience 

and balanced qualities. This rubber has a non-sticky surface and its performance is not inferior to any of the rubbers of major European or Japanese manufacturers. Carbon sponge

is packed with catapult effect and dynamics, and the overall presentation of the rubbers outperforms the price and several times.

The T3 Pro is a real revelation and an unexpectedly good surprise. 

After the tests, the tt-store team gives it more than an excellent rating.

Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation  (ITTF)

Speed : 95

Spin : 89

Control : 85

Sponge Hardness : 45 ( European Standard)

Strategy : Offensive (OFF)




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