Donic / Original Dotec All+

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Donic / Original Dotec All+

3,2 mm thick Kiri inner ply
1+5 layers, 0,6 mm Limba
2+4 layers, 1,0 mm Ayous

DONIC continues to build on many years of success of its DOTEC series with three new Ovtcharov blades: Off, All+ and All.
Ovtcharov Dotec blades will for the first time incorporate the brand new CBF technology. Vulcanized artificial plies have been carefully glued and put together with top quality plies to ensure extremely good feel and precise return of the ball.
Ovtcharov Off is the fastest in this series. It is really fast but has excellent control. Best suited for attackers and allround players with power who like to loop or counter-attack close or away from the table.
Ovtcharov All+ is only slightly less powerful and is a little softer than the Off version. This blade has fantastic control but is still quite fast. Suitable for allround players with power and spin who require maximum control when under pressure.
Ovtcharov All is the easiest blade to control from this series. Top control and a particularly good feel guarantee the best possible allround qualities. Especially recommended for allround players who like to block and chop in defensive situations.

Control : 8+
Speed : 8+

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