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Gewo / Hype XT Pro 50

GEWO Hype XT Pro

A new standard in modern table tennis!

The Hype Pro rubbers are the best-sellers in the GEWO product range. Our scientists/chemists, players of different playing styles and the GEWO team of coaches worked together for more than two years of development to reach one goal: Creating a new dimension of rubber design. The result is something to be proud of: The new FLEX-TECH technology in combination with the tacky DGC40+ top sheet provides for dynamics, spin and great acceleration at the right moment. The high tension of the rubber results in perfect energy transfer to the ball.


·         The DGC40+ “Dynamic-Grip-Concept” stands for constant, reliable coupling upon ball contact, and the tacky surface prevents “slipping” of the (poly) ball. The surface was specially developed for and adjusted to the requirements of the poly ball. The GEWO Hype XT Pro series is the right answer to the new poly ball 40+.

·         The flexible Sponge/rubber design FLEX-TECH which was specially developed for GEWO, produces impressive speed – even in the softer 40° version. Both rubbers, combined with the DGC40+ top sheet, transform the speed of your opponent’s topspins into energy and release this energy again in your own stroke when the ball leaves your bat. Enjoy a new experience!

GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0

The premium product of the GEWO Hype series – ultimate speed in a new dimension! FLEX-TECH technology provides for maximum precision in any attacking situation, while the DGC40+ top sheet guarantees constant and reliable coupling when the bat hits the ball. These groundbreaking technologies are ideal for higher-level players. They are fun-to-play and feature convincing catapult effect, high trajectory thanks to maximum surface tackiness and great power with optimum energy transfer for point-winning topspin rallies. The two-year development focused on high forgivingness without compromise as regards speed, control and spin. Despite all the speed and dynamics of its 50° hard sponge, GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0 still provides for great control for modern, spinny serve/return play thanks to its tacky surface. Unbelievable control for passive balls, blocking and opening flips thanks to FLEX-TECH sponge/rubber design. Truly a new standard in modern table tennis!

Player type / characteristics:

  • Ultimate combination of spin and high speed.
  • Optimum energy transfer for counter-topspin. Slower-speed balls “dig” into the DGC40+ top sheet. This provides for excellent feedback and high energy release when the ball leaves the bat again.
  • For attackers relying on maximum power. Enjoy a new experience!

Speed : 125

Spin : 122

Control : 93

Sponge Hardness : Hard

Strategy : Offensive + 




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